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Five hidden WhatsApp features to optimize usage

Home News Five hidden WhatsApp features to optimize usage
21 Jan 2018

As one of the most popular chat apps in the world, WhatsApp continuously updates its features and because of this, a lot of users are unaware of new features on the app. Here are five hidden features that can optimize WhatsApp usage, as reported by tempo.co.

Limit your data usage

If you are often annoyed by memes and viral videos sent by colleagues in your WhatsApp group, you can prevent them from being automatically downloaded onto your device. Simply go to "data usage" under settings.

Special notifications

Special notification sounds can be applied to certain contacts. Open a chat with the contact you wish to have a different alert sound, tap on the name and select the sound under custom notifications.

Deleting sent messages

One of WhatsApp’s new features includes the convenience of deleting a sent message. However, you can only delete the message within seven minutes. Tap on the message you’ve sent, hold and select the delete icon.

Pinning conversations

You are able to select three contacts that will always be on the top of the conversation list on WhatsApp. Tap and hold the conversation you wish to put on top, and tap on the pin icon.

Answer messages later

If you get a message but you haven’t had time to reply, do not worry about the chat being "drowned." Tap and hold on the selected conversation, tap on "mark unread" and a green sign will appear on the right side of the conversation. For iOS users, slide the conversation to the right to activate this feature. (asw)

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