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Google Storyboard turns your videos into comic strips

Home News Google Storyboard turns your videos into comic strips
21 Jan 2018

Google just launched three experimental photography apps on Product Hunt. My favorite one is Storyboard, which lets you automatically turn your videos into a one-page comic strip.

It’s still early days, so the app is super-sparse at the moment. Just load the video into the app, wait a few seconds, and Google will throw out a comic strip with stylized effects. And that’s about it. You can pull down to refresh the storyboard with a different set of panels or styles, but you can’t manually edit panels or the layout.

As it stands, the app is a bit too barebones for my liking, but it’s easy to see how with a bit more meat it could become a popular choice for the Instagram crowd. Even just letting you add more pages to the comic book would make it a lot more enticing. If Google let me pick the frames used in panels, rearrange the layout, and add captions or speech bubbles, it’d be a lot of fun.

Still, it’s worth giving a shot, although be warned it’s an Android exclusive. You can download the app here, or check out Google’s other two experimental apps here.

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