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Hawasly CMD is pleased to offer you the company's information security solutions which include:

Smart protection against viruses provided through WEBROOT program, which offers the new generation of smart protection in the Internet world.


Top features of WEBROOT:

Protection against information and data leaking through SAFETIES program, which offers a range of smart solutions to protect your system against this type of threats, as information protection, and management of electronic browsing mechanisms, and many information protection technologies.

Protection against electronic theft software and threats by Ransomware software, these solutions provided by HEIMDAL program, which offers several technologies for digital protection against electronic theft attempts.

HEIMDAL is the best anti-virus partner, as you do not need to remove any other protection software to run on your device.

Top features of HEIMDAL:

Website control and protection against spam: the latest technologies and methods developed by the world of electronic protection through WEBTITAN and SPAMTITAN programs all This in addition to the information security services we provide from Penetration Test, and Vulnerability Assessment, Security Consulting in addition to estimates ISO-27001

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